Aoshima's car model range (in the universall popular 1/24 scale) strikes a good chord with modellers, not only because much of their product range focuses on Japanese domestic models, but also popular and highly anticipated cars.

Aviation 200

The range of Aviation 200 die-cast airplanes feature realistic panel lines, antennas, and surface details with the use of pad printed markings. Metal landing gears with working rubber wheels for realistic detailing.

Bandai Gundam

Gunpla are plastic replicas/models of various mobile suits that are featured in the popular Japanese animation series called Mobile Suit Gundam. They are manufactured by Bandai and have been available in the market since the 1980s.


Banpresto has been making high quality collectables of lovable characters that evokes a sense of fun and excitement since 2008. Its products have lived to its belief that no matter the age, anime characters have the ability to connect with people.

Blue Box

Blue Box diecast planes features some of the best detailings, accurate proportions, and quite a bit of weight as the majority of the models are metal. Quality and solid models that are perfect for civilian aircraft enthusiasts.

Century Wings

Established in Tokyo on November 2006, Century Wings is one of the leading brands for military die-cast aircrafts. The impeccable and realistic details of each 1/72 scale model makes it highly sought after by discerning collectors.